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Important Questions To Ask Your HVAC Installer For Your Air Conditioning Estimates

Choosing the right HVAC installers near me in The United States of America is one way of ensuring your air conditioning unit doesn’t use more energy than required. Central air conditioning makes up a large part of your utilities. Older systems are less reliable so if you want to install a central air conditioning unit or upgrade your current system, it is important to request for estimates from a professional HVAC company. We have put together some important questions to ask during the process.

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What capacity system do I need?


You should ask your HVAC installer to show you how to determine the size of the air conditioning unit you need for your home. Make sure you learn about the calculation that experts use to determine the size needed.


Can the current ductwork be used?


Your HVAC Company should inspect the condition of the existing ductwork and tell you if it will work for your HVAC installation. Does the ductwork have any leaks and should it be cleaned before installation? You need to get answers to these questions.


Can you prove that your company is insured or bonded?


You need to work with an insured company. This doesn’t mean that you should just believe it when they tell you they are insured. You need to ask for proof. Make sure the company provides its estimates in writing.


Are there any new technologies I should consider?


New technologies such as the ductless system or various upgraded systems can add efficiency to your system and reduce energy wastage. Make sure you ask your company to suggest any new technologies that could benefit you.


What brands do you offer?


There are a lot of brands on the market and you should have options. Make sure you are working with HVAC installers near me who have different brand options.

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